Custom Manufacture

Evolve can custom design, manufacture and supply excellent standard Outdoor and Semi-Outdoor Display Enclosures, Brackets and stands to suit your digital display needs.

If we cannot source it – We will manufacture it!

Custom Manufacture

Outdoor Enclosures​

EvolveAV understands that installing digital displays outside requires specific mounting structures that will protect the external equipment whilst keeping it accessible and allowing for maximum viewing angles.

Everything needed for outdoor digital display protection is covered with our custom outdoor and semi-outdoor enclosure.

It’s attractive, robust and designed to safeguard against the weather, insects, vandalism and theft.

This is a safe and secure outdoor TV enclosure, perfect for outdoor patios and open-air areas

Your outdoor TV enclosure can be semi-outdoor or full-outdoor


  • Dual security locks (for added protection against theft)
  • An anti-reflective polycarbonate viewing window (20 times stronger than glass)
Outdoor Enclosure

Video Wall Structures & Display Brackets​

As technology advances it becomes exponentially more affordable to a larger market segment.

EvolveAV has seen a significant increase in requests for sizeable digital displays and video walls within the education, corporate, commercial and public sectors. A pivotal consideration with large video wall displays lies in selecting the correct mounting system.

Today’s video wall displays, although we use lightweight technology, are heavy and require sturdy, flexible mounting solutions.

EvolveAV offers a modular range of extra-large digital display and video wall mounts.

Whether you need to mount a dual display or multi-level displays, our modular range provides flexible and sturdy mounting options for almost every installation.

Our wall mount and video wall components are interchangeable creating a virtually unlimited number of possibilities.

We supply:​

  1. Fixed Video Wall Structures​
  2. Mobile Video Wall Structures​
  3. Custom Video Wall Structures

Universal Brackets