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Building and implementing a large-scale, multi-platform digital signage solution is a logistical feat. Without the correct technology, planning, experience, resources, buying power, staff and vendor relationships, coordinating the implementation of your solution design, across all of your locations, will drain your business and it will frustrate and demotivate you exponentially.

We can handle all of the above aspects, whether it’s five locations or five thousand. From pre-production planning and site surveys to hardware selection and signage installation to hosting and validation — Evolve AV does it all.

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Digital Signage Sectors

Whether you want to promote, inform or educate your customers, a dynamic digital display can significantly build and enhance your brand, disseminating your message faster, more clearly and to a wider audience.

We service the following Sectors:

Retail Digital Signage is an excellent way to promote excess inventory or high-margin products, can be used in a video-wall concept, tout limited-time offers for faster calls to action or promote specials linked to a local demographic. You can use digital displays for up-to-the-minute news updates for information that is crucial to decision makers in your target audience or simply create larger-than-life presentations that grab attention and communicate your branded message

Corporate Digital Signage enhances corporate culture and branding while it helps employees understand “What” and “Why”.  It also helps manage employee training and allows employees to communicate and share their ideas while boosting morale.

Digital signage in the education sector is a quick and cost-effective way to share information to staff and the students alike. Administrators can display information like event schedules, sporting results and general announcements with just a few clicks.


Digital Signage in the Transportation sector is a great medium to supply real-time updates on Travel Information, provide directional way finding by means of interactive kiosks, keep passengers safe with emergency announcements and display news feeds and advertising to patrons while they are waiting to travel.

Interactive Information Kiosks

The possibilities for using interactive kiosks are almost endless.  The difference with Evolve AV is that we deliver targeted content to your customers based on contextual data. Our software development is always seamlessly matched with the technology that we install for your unique application, meaning we can equip and empower you to use interactive kiosks to build your customer base and improve your bottom line.

Imagine displaying product information based on each customer’s preferences, or providing an entertaining customer experience that allows your customers to engage with your brand.  When partnering with Evolve, you can.

This technology is intrinsically powerful for letting your clients compare products or signup for loyalty programmes without pulling any of your human resources.

Other valuable applications include redeeming coupons or exchanging loyalty points for vouchers, matching products to specific customer profiles, touch ordering and wayfinding (virtual maps) systems – all of which increase value to your clients and require zero man-power.

Information Kiosks

Digital Signage

EvolveAV utilises Digital Signage Players and Software that have been optimally designed to consistently deliver the functionality and reliability needed to meet the demand for 24/7 dynamic signage.

Featuring support for dual FullHD outputs, wired and wireless networking, as well as integrated audio, our solutions are ideally suited for driving compelling content at a competitive price.

Powered by cutting-edge processors our players offer significant energy savings without sacrificing performance and lightweight designs facilitates mounting these players to a wall, or to the back of a display.

Retail Signage

Display Solutions

Our expansive range of Conventional LCD Display Solutions range from Full Commercial Displays which are manufactured and engineered to work in 24/7 environment to Lite Commercial Displays which is manufactured to work in a 16/7 environment.

We are able to supply and install the following displays in virtually any application:

1.Commercial Large Format Displays (32” to 108”)
2.Commercial Touch Displays (32”, 43”, 49”, 55”)
3.Vertical Posters Displays – 49”
4.Vertical Touch Displays – 55”
5.Vertical Hanging Posters (Single and Double Sided) – 43” and 55” Options
6.Video Wall Displays
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