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Evolve supplies highly expandable and flexible video controller solutions for video walls and multi screen solutions that are capable of integrating many types of video and data sources onto any display configuration.

Multi Display Products

Build dynamic video walls, small or large with and display high quality content from almost any source, across multi-screen display walls, in any creative configuration imaginable.

Video Wall Processor

Video Wall ProcessorOur video wall controllers are used in a variety of different areas such as traffic control centres, telecom operations facilities, utility companies, security applications and in entertainment settings.
Evolve is proud to have designed and installed cutting edge technology for dedicated Control Room applications. The specifications for these solutions are often highly complex and need to be comprehensively and meticulously adhered to in order to help our clients manage key operations from one central location.
Control rooms for vital facilities are typically tightly secured and inaccessible to the general public. The require multiple HD electronic displays that form a large wall-sized display area that is clearly visible from all locations within the room. Some control rooms are themselves under continuous video surveillance and recording, for security and personnel accountability purposes.

As many control rooms are run on an uninterrupted basis to ensure seamless productivity vigilance, the systems and technology needs to be reliable, easily maintainable and have a fast repair turnaround time. Evolve AV is your first choice in designing, building and maintaining your control room environment.